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Whether you’ve been in this position before or you’re in it for the first time, the feelings are similar. You’re fearing how much life is going to change if you are found guilty of the crime you’ve been charged with and if you’ll make it through to other side in one piece. While we can’t guarantee results, our Punta Gorda criminal defense attorneys are here to show you there is hope, and nothing is set in stone quite yet.

We have over 35 years of collective experience in criminal proceedings. In each of the thousands of cases we have been a part of, we remind our clients, the courts, the prosecution, and juries of your rights to the presumption of innocence, a fair trial, and the prosecution’s burden which is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime in question. This is aimed at obtaining the best possible outcome possible.

Constructing Your Defense

What many criminal defense attorneys and their clients alike forget is the right everyone in America in a criminal proceeding has to a loyal attorney. This means that if you tell us you are innocent, we will take every legal measure necessary to show this innocence, no matter the crime in question. This starts with knowing the tall order ahead of the prosecution to prove something that didn’t happen and poking holes every step of the way in their case against you.

If the prosecution does seem to have a tight case, other measures are taken immediately to reduce the impact of the conviction. This can include reducing felony theft charges to misdemeanors, arguing for drug diversion treatment programs when available, and reducing prison sentences whenever possible.

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